The unhoped-for path of angels



I have thought much about religions, trying to understand them,

"The future lies with me..."

Original title: «In me non c'è che futuro...»                                                                                                                                    

In me non c'è che futuro


Duration: 144 min., digital, colour and b/w, stereo, Italy, 2011                                                                                                                    

Seth's Journey to Otranto

Project developed with the support of


Glimmer of Light

Notes for a film on the Sense of Place

Original title:                                                                                   Filo di Luce. Appunti per un film sul Senso del Luogo                  

56 min., digital, colour, stereo, Italy 2004

Not just anyplace!

Original title: "Non in un posto qualsiasi"

72 min.,  digital,  colour,  stereo,  Italy 2001

Presented in Florence at the Festival dei Popoli - XLII International Festival of Social Documentation Film in 2001.



Original title: "KAPPA"

93 min.,  35mm,  colour,  stereo, Italy 1995-97


Presented at the Festival del Cinema del Mediterraneo, Bari 1998



King Tarlo (not to die)


Original title: "Re Tarlo (per non morire)"

61 min.,  electronic,  colour,  Italy 1993


Commended at the Riccione Video Theatre Festival TTVV in 1994



Who has no place

Makes wanting one his real place 

The rule of sleep


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