Glimmer of Light

Notes for a film on the Sense of Place

Original title:                                                                                   Filo di Luce. Appunti per un film sul Senso del Luogo                  

56 min., digital, colour, stereo, Italy 2004

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Presented at La semaine des cultures étrangèrs 2004 of the FICEP (Federation Instituts Culturels Étrangèrs Paris).

Ramandeep is a ten year old girl, Indian, of Sikh religion, arriving in Italy when she was four with her mother who came to Italy to rejoin her husband. She remembers nothing of the Punjab, the native land of her father who emigrated to Italy to the Padana Plain six years before his wife to work as a milker of cows on a farm where Italian farm-workers, by now extinct, once lived. She is happy to live in the country because, as she says, she likes the “silent landscapes”. She says, however, that after a holiday in the Punjab, after having contacted her father’s land again, she came back to Italy full of rise to a comparison between her country of origin and the one that has given her hospitality and feels her own. She goes, therefore, to the guru of the Sikh temple of Vescovato in the province of Cremona to seek answers to her questions. Principles of respect for other cultures, other religions and the biodiversity of nature emerge from the guru’s stories. The girl discovers that previously she had had these thoughts alone, precisely those thoughts, without knowing it, in listening silently to the sound landscape of the countryside as she says “when the machines stop”, on the River Po.

Written and directed by: Michele Fasano; Actors: Ramandeep Kaur, Guru Joga Singh, Fiorenzo Cauzzi, Jagdeep Singh, Rajinder Mavi, Mewa Singh, Suki Kaur, Mawi Ajmer Singh, Prem Kaur, Jaspal Singh, Himmat Singh, Verinder Kaur, Gurpreet Singh, Harpreet Kaur, Darshan Singh, Gurmeet Kaur, Jagirpal Singh, Harjeet Kaur, Harmanpal Singh, Amitpal Singh; Photography and Editing: Michele Fasano; Second camera: Sabrina Pogliani; Music: Daniele Furlati; Sound post-production: Studio Arkì; Locations: Luigi Ghisleri; Cultural intermediation: Prem Lal Raina; Scientific consultant: Maria José Compiani (sociologist), Saverio Marchignoli (indologist); Production: Sattva Films.

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La campagna cremonese 1971 / The Cremona countryside 1971

by Luigi Ghisleri (28 min., 8mm, b/n, 1971/2006)

Shooted in 1971, restored and re-edited, this short film is presented as special contribution into the dvd of Glimmer of Light.

Poetic documentary on the radical transformation of the human and natural landscape of the Padana Plain between the sixties and seventies in Cremona. The film was shooted in the same farms between Cremona and Reggio Emilia where, 35 years later, was made Glimmer of Light. Notes for a film about a sense of place by Michele Fasano. Concept and photography: Luigi Ghisleri; Immages: Maurizio Coppiardi, Giancarlo Pisaroni; Music: Daniele Furlati; Editing: Michele Fasano; Production: Sattva Films.


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